Sold the land in 1922



Spencer house (the old Straight house) on Middle Road : at the time of restoration in 1956 and 1957

Caption under above pictures:  SPENCER HOUSE at 2266 Middle Road (Photo courtesy of Violet E. Kettelle).  This house is now owned by Mrs. Allan Merchant who contributed seven snapshots taken at the time of restoration in 1956 and 1957.  The two pictured are of the front and back of the house. Note the unusual small window at the corner of the house, next to a large one. (Story, Vol. 7, p.8).

Comments by Audrey Mae (nee Spencer) MacDonald:  The top photo is my mother, MaryJane Vaughn Spencer, b. Jan.14, 1877  d Feb 11 1955, standing to the east side of  our house before the land was sold in 1922.  The house was in very good condition when we sold the property in 1922, The two bottom pictures were taken “years after my father sold this house” and before the much needed restoration.

After being in the Spencer family for over 170 years, the land was sold in 1922 to a Thomas O’Neal (aka O’Neil,O’Neill) who lived there a few years and died. His nephew inherited the farm.


1931:Audrey's acceptance post card to RISD; donated to Audrey's file in RISD Archives, March 2007,David Martinez, Archivist

In 1922, William JB and MaryJane, the last Spencers on the farm, moved to Anthony, an upscale community with a trolley running by their home and the train station hereby where their younger daughter–a student during the Great Depression– could catch a train to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) in Providence from Coventry, R.I.



A 2010 photo of the house on 2266 Middle Road, East Greenwich, R.I., that was originally the Straight house and then the Spencer farm house. The Spencers moved this house down to Middle Road when Middle Road was extended. The house has been remodeled over the years and is without much likeness to the house that the Spencers sold in 1922

2010 The Spencer Homestead (as the Spencers descendents called this land as late of 2006) today at 2266 Middle Road, East Greenwich, R.I.  When Middle Road came through, the Spencers moved the house down by the road.  This was the old Straight house.  According to Audrey Mae (nee Spencer) MacDonald, the house has been remodeled over the years and is without much likeness to the house that her father sold in 1922.