Purchase the land in 1750


Deed to the Spencer homestead, 1750


"Deed to Wm. Spencer, Jr. for farm on Middle Rd. opposite Moosehorn Corner Rd by Josiah Burlingame About 1750" Page 6A of Booklet of "old English Documents" kept by Esther Amanda (nee Spencer) Briggs, compiled by Violet Kettelle for AudreyMae (nee Spencer)MacDonald in 1957

“William Spencer, Jr. borrowed 14 pounds, Aprl16,1750 to be paid on or before Nov.2, 1753.(promissory note) Witnesses-Abner Spencer and Richard Cornell.For next paper, see ‘This Indenture” Apr.16,1750-Wm.Spencer borrowed 14 pounds.This is written by the 1st Thomas Spencer, another Wm. Spencer was Justice of Peace.The money was to pay for the farm on Middle Rd. opposite Moosehorn Road Corners.Farm was formerly owned by Henry Straight, deceased.Josiah Burlingame owned the farm.”

“Deed to Spencer Homestead where I was the last Spencer to be born in 1912.”  AMM



1986: "old Straight house" that Spencers purchased in 1750 and later moved down to Middle Road. Today the address is 2266 Middle Road.