The cemetery is not walled or fenced


The cemetery is not walled or fenced. Instead there are granite posts at the four corners and at the easement entrance to the burial plot. The two western corners are marked by one yard high granite posts. The two eastern corners  are marked by ground level orange-colored granite posts. This southeastern ground-level granite post and an additional ground level post to the north show the official 10-foot-wide cemetery’s easement entrance.  As nature would have it, the southwest corner of the cemetery has a strong, healthy, tall tree on the exact southwest corner, so surveyors painted an orange square on the bark of the tree. The granite post was then placed just to the north of the tree or just north of  the exact southwest corner of the cemetery.

2011-granite-post-southwest-corner facing-west-stone-wall-2
2011 Tree standing on southwest cemetery corner with orange paint on bark. Granite post just to the north of tree (southwest corner) on western boundary line
2011 ground level orange colored granite posts on each side of cemetery easement entrance on east side



In 2011 land surveying services to AP15/Lot483, Family Burial Ground, Partridge Run, East Greenwich, Rhode Island was to stake lot corners with granite monuments (posts).